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[vtigercrm-developers]ListView filter Not working.


I tried to create the UI Type 53 filed(Users), I did that like, First i created one custom field as TextField(UI Type-1) later i changed that UI-Type to 53. Now i'm unable to get proper filter on that newly created field vs existing Assigned To field. When i try to get the filter data on top of both fields(Existing Assigned to & Newly created Users field) its behaves like,
Scenario1: For both fields with different data Result :: Empty
Scenario2: Assigned to with data and new field empty Result :: Ok
Scenario3: Assigned to empty and new field data Result :: Input applies to both fields as same.
Scenario4: In ListView data is coming properly where as in filter with new field resultant data is with very few records. Meaning that some records are missing in filter.

Can anyone tell me how to i fix this?

Thanks & Regards