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[vtiger-commits] r3877 - /vtigercrm/branches/4.2/modules/Home/index.php

Author: mfedyk
Date: Tue Feb 21 19:29:02 2006
New Revision: 3877

Don't die 'Couldn't get the group listing', by briand. refs #26


Modified: vtigercrm/branches/4.2/modules/Home/index.php
--- vtigercrm/branches/4.2/modules/Home/index.php (original)
+++ vtigercrm/branches/4.2/modules/Home/index.php Tue Feb 21 19:29:02 2006
@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@
 //$query = "select leaddetails.lastname,leadgrouprelation.groupname, 'Leads' as Type from leaddetails inner join leadgrouprelation on leaddetails.leadid=leadgrouprelation.leadid inner join crmentity on crmentity.crmid = leaddetails.leadid where  crmentity.deleted=0 union all select activity.subject,activitygrouprelation.groupname,'Activities' as Type from activity inner join activitygrouprelation on activitygrouprelation.activityid=activity.activityid inner join crmentity on crmentity.crmid = activity.activityid where  crmentity.deleted=0 union all select troubletickets.ticketid,troubletickets.groupname,'Tickets' as Type from troubletickets inner join seticketsrel on seticketsrel.ticketid = troubletickets.ticketid inner join crmentity on crmentity.crmid = seticketsrel.ticketid where troubletickets.groupname is not null and crmentity.deleted=0";
   $log->info("Here is the where clause for the list view: $query");
- $result = $adb->limitquery($query,0,5) or die("Couldn't get the group listing");
+ $result = $adb->limitquery($query,0,5);
 //echo get_form_header($app_strings['LBL_GROUP_ALLOCATION_TITLE'], "", false);
 $list ='<table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 width=100%>
@@ -112,6 +112,11 @@
+if (!$result) {
+ $list .= '<tr><td WIDTH="1" class="blackLine"><IMG SRC="'.$image_path.'blank.gif"></td><td colspan=5><em>Could not get the group listing.</em></td><td WIDTH="1" class="blackLine"><IMG SRC="'.$image_path.'blank.gif"></td></tr>';
 while($row = $adb->fetch_array($result))
@@ -159,6 +164,7 @@
   $list .= '<td WIDTH="1" class="blackLine"><IMG SRC="'.$image_path.'blank.gif"></td>';
   $list .= '</tr>';
         $list .= '<tr><td WIDTH="1" colspan="6" class="blackLine"><IMG SRC="'.$image_path.'blank.gif"></td></tr></table>';

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