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vtiger Wiki Updated - 100% Spam Free


I am glad to inform you all that during week end I have updated our existing Wiki with the latest version (1.7.1 mediawiki).

Now vtiger Wiki is 100% spam free Very Happy .

On behalf of my team, I invite vtiger Writing community to participate in Wiki documentation and help us provide a better quality public docs for our developer/end-user community.

Important Changes:

* Guests can only read the documents. They can edit content after valid registration.

* Before Editing any document first time, writers must authenticate with their email ID. Afterwards they can edit any topic.

* All the changes are moderated by Wiki admins periodically. Please let me know if any one interested in becoming moderators.

* I request all the earlier Wiki users to register again, since I have abandoned the old Wiki. Sorry for the inconvenience

PS: Currently I am porting some of the old content to new Wiki. I request your kind cooperation in posting the content and valid User details to new Wiki.

Thanks a lot to Halz of http://wiki.chongqed.org//Halz for providing me guidelines on setting up a Spam free vtiger Wiki.


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