vTiger 7.0 comparision with vTiger 6.5

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vTiger 7.0 comparision with vTiger 6.5

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vTiger 7.0 release beta version for developer testing.

We tried out at CRMTiger by comparing version of vTiger 7.0 with vTiger 6.5.

New Features in V7:

 Follow and get notified of updates on any record.
 Smart Reminders to keep in touch and followup – Tour
 Direct Messages to speed up collaboration – Tour
 New Helpdesk System with Cases module & SLA policies
 Business Hours
 Insights on Customer Service giving actionable reports
 Viewers on a record
Hope you like this video, Please share your experience on info@crmtiger.com

For more information check out our blog: http://crmtiger.com/blog/vtiger-7-0-comparision-with-vtiger-6-5/