What's with 4.2.x future ?

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What's with 4.2.x future ?

Ales Petric

This is my first post to 'vTiger' developers mailing list

About me:
My native environment is development environment (around C/C++, VB,
HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Python).
My home system environment is 'Linux' based desktop os. like 'Debian'
and 'Debian' based (my latest is 'Ubuntu')
For my business server system I use 'Debian' stable.
Like all I had to do some system tunning and other stuff related for
system to work properly and live.
I worked for small and big companies, within groups and on solo projects.
My favorite project is project that is more to an end oriented that other.
I had worked on lost project to but I had learned something from that,
hope you to.

Project called 'vTIger':
Yes, 'vTiger' :), I am working with this great free source project for
some time now (let me think back, 1 year and 6 month it is, sounds like
my birthday :)
Reason is that I am involved with business that uses 'CRM' software and
solution for them 'vTiger' was the answer, from me to them :)
Yes, it sells good if support is guaranteed and signed in contract (like
must be included); Yes what's new :)
What is new? That was my question looking 'vTiger' community.
Let's get serious.
In my business we had implemented over 150 issues, or tickets related,
not features.
We have less then 10 serious stuff implemented, tested and deployed.
I believe, and some of you will confirm that this is big step back for
community when stuff is included in 'vTiger' and not updated on live
track inside community.
As we now, there are many companys that offers hosting with 'vTiger'
CRM, and many are just keeping one eye on 4.2.x.
I belive that 'vTiger' is under 'GPL' and much more, there is community
above that is responsible for maintaining the project.

Let's face it. There should be readable state and mission, end oriented
leadership, free participation, known business model of 'vTiger CRM',
useful documents on-line,
tutorials, subgroups with a roles like module manager, testers, and many
more beautiful stuff, ..I yes there is many but not enough.
I have read that someone was begging not for himself for some other guy
that they should give him some type of account that he can post code
Question is. Can community afford that kind of behaviour, that no
actions are taken. Many are complaining about non activity that is going
on right now.

Let's build team of project/module managers and sys-admin guys to do
some steeps needed to put out htp://new.vtiger.com/ based on latest
release of 4.2.x thread.
On the same portal if it is possible ? Within the same community if it
is possible ?
We can invite all existing groups that are using 4.2.x thread and join
forces and merge existing sources and fixed issues. We need that, and
more we need all help we can get within testing activities that are
needed when new release comes out.
With future plans of what's included in first build and what in next.
Yes we can plan what features and build them in future within subgroups
of module managers
responsible to finish what was started.

4.2.x future to be when 4.3 and then 5.0, isn't that the way ?

If there is comment, I now there is, and I now there is the way we can
bring action into 'vTiger' community.

What do ya say?

Ales Petric
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