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[Vtigercrm-developers] vtiger 7 - Follow / add star a record

lajeesh k-2

I have seen "following / add" start feature in pre release version of vtiger 7. This is not available in final release of vtiegr 7.

there are tables in the format "vtiger_moduleName_user_field" for every entity module. this tables are  for "follow/add" star feature

Also  every vtiger enitity module need a user field table which has the format "vtiger_moduleName_user_field". Unless system throw error for create /view/

So custom modules created by me fails to create / view records

I can overcome this error by just creating this table.

if this follow feauture is not available for opensource I could remove the reference to vtiger_moduleName_user_field table or I could wait for the next update for the follow feauture