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[Vtigercrm-developers] Ready for ALWAYS-ON Internet service in your building?

Paul Stamoulis-2

Hoping all is well and wishing you a healthy, happy and successful  2019!  I am now working with Fortune 500 companies, Windstream, Verizon, Time Warner, Comcast and several other regional ISP’s, to wire buildings and deliver internet service that is ALWAYS UP and running – NO MORE DOWNTIME AT ALL, EVER. What’s known as 99.9999 % availability in the business!


As a group, we can provide pretty much any technology in the USA including fiber optic cabling of buildings, fixed-wireless antenna, 4/5G wireless, VoIP phone services, managed IT, as well as any of the myriad of telecom services available today to small, medium and larger businesses in the USA.  


Specifically, I am focused on a service called SD-WAN, which every company in the US will soon embrace.   In plain English, SD-WAN is how any company can have high-speed, fully-diverse internet access through  multiple internet carriers including the carrier that YOU are already using!   So, you never have to again worry about internet outages and without having to pay more than you are spending now!


For better details, check this service out at  https://www.windstreamenterprise.com/solution/network/sd-wan-concierge/


I believe that soon, every company in the country will be on such a service from one of the big 10 telco’s in the USA. Please, let me know if you are interested in getting more info about this exciting new service and best regards, Paul Stamoulis


Paul Stamoulis                              +1 212 444 3003    


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