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Manilal K M
Hi Team,
   Today Morning I got the reminder for the forum topic given below.
How this happened? There are mo updates on this thread and it's almost
4 months old.

Please look into it.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [hidden email] <[hidden email]>
Date: 19-Jul-2006 07:38
Subject: New Topic Notification for forum "Announcements" - vtiger CRM
5 Alpha 5 Released

Hello !

Sai has posted a new topic called "vtiger CRM 5 Alpha 5 Released" in
the "Announcements" forum at vtiger. You can use the following link to
view the topic:

Posted text:

We are pleased to announce the vtiger [b:7141f7c5eb]CRM 5.0 Alpha 5
release[/b:7141f7c5eb].  The intent of this release is to showcase to
the vtiger community, the significant changes made after v5 Alpha 4
release i.e., changes since Mar 31, 06\' .  We have  conducted
performance testing for some of the modules using a popular
[b:7141f7c5eb]Web Based Testing Software (AdventNet QEngine
6.0),[/b:7141f7c5eb] which helped us to identify some of the
bottlenecks in performance. We will publish the performance reports
soon. We thank AdventNet for permitting us to make use of this
interesting software and we gladly recommend it to everyone too, not
because AdventNet allowed us to use it but because it is really good.
We are also pleased to release the downloadable version of the
[b:7141f7c5eb]vtiger CRM PHP API  Documentation.[/b:7141f7c5eb]

The demo of vtigerCRM 5 alpha 5 is available at

You can download the [b:7141f7c5eb]EXE, BIN, or tar.gz[/b:7141f7c5eb]

[b:7141f7c5eb]NOTE:[/b:7141f7c5eb] We strongly recommend CRM community
NOT to USE vtiger CRM 5 Alpha 5 for real-time deployment. In case you
are looking for an immediate CRM solution for your business, please
consider using the vtiger CRM 4.2.3 (latest stable version) or 4.2.4
which will be out shortly.

[b:7141f7c5eb]Important URLs:[/b:7141f7c5eb]


[b:7141f7c5eb]Report Bugs[/b:7141f7c5eb] @:

Note: Please refer to the reported bugs before submitting a new bug.

[b:7141f7c5eb]Release Notes:[/b:7141f7c5eb]

    * Smarty template applied to Currency Configuration Feature
    * List View feature database queries are optimized for all the modules
    * PHP API documentation for some of the major function
    * New module called Marketing is added. Campaigns module is now
part of Marketing primary module.
    * AJAXified Notification Schedulers
    * AJAXified Inventory Notifications
    * AJAXified Picklist Settings
    * AJAXified Assign Module Owners
    * New UI for Integration of Mail Merge Templates
    * New UI for Company Information
    * New UI for Outgoing Mail Server
    * New UI for Backup Server Configuration
    * New UI for Terms and Conditions
    * New UI for Announcements
    * New UI for RSS module

Thanks & Regards,

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"Announcements" at vtiger. If you no longer wish to watch this forum
you can either click the "Stop watching this forum link" found at the
bottom of the "Announcements" forum, or by clicking the following

Thanks, The Management

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