Relating Purchase orders to Accounts

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Relating Purchase orders to Accounts

John Crisp-2
My users are really struggling with finding Purchase Orders from the
relevant Account, Invoice or Sales Order. A customer calls to query an
order, but it's not necessarily the same person that actually placed the
order. The user knows the Account name and looks there. If there are
several contacts on one Account, it makes it like looking for a needle
in a haystack !

The PO gets added to More Information on the Contact page. Is it
possible to add the same information to the Account Page - e.g all P.O.s
for that Account ?

Currently we add the Account name in the Subject line of the P.O. so you
can search by that, but it's a bit cumbersome.

It would make sense when creating a PO to be able to choose the Account,
Contact and Sales Order that it is related to, and have that information
on the Invoice/Account/SO - More info page as well.

It would also make sense on the Contacts More information page where you
have Invoices with the details to add in the SO number as well as the SO
name - we end up with a lot of orders with the same Subject name and you
can't always easily distinguish between them.

I guess all of this would be an extension or modification of the
get_related modules in Contacts.php / Invoice.php

What other pages would need to be modified to do this ?

B. Rgds
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Re: Relating Purchase orders to Accounts


I am also facing same issue. Is there any solution to relating Sales Order to Purchase Order (and account)?