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Hey Matus,
This is an excellent idea.  :-)
One DEV instance connected to a bug-capture module (rename HelpDesk if you can).  It could be kept in the same vtiger instance or linked to it.
Everyone gets to read the identified bugs and commitment to fix, all in the one place.   
You have more people able to test functionality for the base install and you have the vtiger programmers able to confirm the issue as soon as they can touch it.
When the main bugs are clear, then it can go to RC in the same way, for say 2 weeks.  
We all see it stable then and it becomes GA after a further 2 weeks.
This is agile at its best.  
Best of all we all feel connected to the open source product.  Everyone can put in 1 hour a day to check their reqs, if it is simply login and play.
Not everyone needs to install on their local system (along with the associated local issues)
Score +1 from me for this Matus. 
Bernard G Bailey
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Maybe create a separate dev installation with last change set so we can
try it in one installation (we all don't need install vtiger everytime).
I supose in this case we can better describe some bugs, scenario before
release a new path/version.