Poorly written code is poorly written code.

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Poorly written code is poorly written code.

Brian Laughlin-2
'Please please PLEASE, for the love of GOD, don't go down the path of
objectifying everything and abstracting the code to the point of

This is not really a fair statement.  OO code done well is a gem.  The
statement above automatically implies that it will be written poorly.

OO code, procedure code or a sql query written badly is poorly written
code - period.  No method can overcome poor coding.

It seems reasonable that v5 is about the future, one that creates better
code base that is more reusable and it encourages more development
talent to improve, iterate and integrate.

With some effort I think we can mature this process so that the core
product can continue to benefit from the community's contributions.

There seems to be a simple fix to the debate that is ensuing.

If you want to keep it as it is then support the 4.2.x branch, otherwise
help to mature the code for v5.

One last comment.  There is a large class of developers that don't
really care how the code was written or how it works as long as it works
and works well.  If you can extend its functionality or easily call it
when you need it then for the most part they are happy.  That doesn't
stop those that want to dig deeper and tweak it at that level.  More
power to you.


Brian Laughlin

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