[PATCH] [VTIGERCRM V5.0.0-rc1] Preserve add order of products in Quotes, etc

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[PATCH] [VTIGERCRM V5.0.0-rc1] Preserve add order of products in Quotes, etc

Dennis Grant
Here's my first patch against VtigerCRM V5.0.0-rc1

It preserves the order in which products are added to Quotes, etc so
that the order that they are printed is the order in which they are

Our sales staff demanded this so they can group products in logical
order, especially when dealing with big purchases that have accessories.

Previously, the return order would be whatever the order the products
were added to the DATABASE (order by crmid) which caused much confusion
and pain.

With this patch applied, you can do this:

1 X Big Expensive Thingy
2 X Thingy Accessory
1 X Thingy Peripheral A
1 X Adaptor Cable A->Thingy
1 X Thingy Peripheral B
1 X Adaptor Cable B->Thingy

And it will print that way.

Share and Enjoy!

Note that this adds a new field to vtiger_inventoryproductrel  - I added
the appropriate entry in the schema XML file and I changed the Migration
php scripts to accommodate, but there's nothing in the patch to add this
field to a live database.


Who is it who will be in charge of reviewing this patch and committing
it to the V5.0.0-RC2 (or whatever) tree? How will I know if this patch
is committed?


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DG_patch_1 (14K) Download Attachment