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Modifying quote->invoice conversion


I am working in a garment printing company and I need to create a modification/extension for Quotes/Invoices/Orders. General plan is such as below, but you may suggest changes, I just need to have the same results - if there's other, better way to achieve them than the one I want to do - any suggestion is welcome.

For simplification - let's assume we sell only tshirts and only embroideries on them - we also have screen printing and lots of other textile products but for the sake of explanation, I will simplify that.

What I want to achieve?

Our sales reps treat tshirts, embroideries and other services separately, i.e. when they make a quote, they add (example):
1. 30 tshirts
2. 30 small embroideries
3. 30 big embroideries
4. Cost of 1 big embroidery program preparation (preparation cost is paid once per given embroidery/printing)
5. Cost of 1 small embroidery program preparation
6. Shipipng (I thought it is easier to treat shipping as a service, since we have established price per one package and most often only amount of packages change)
In my vT instance, tshirts are products (all sizes and colors of given tshirt type are separate products) whereas embroideries, embroidery preparation costs, shipping are services. They both may be products if that will simplify the case.

The quote has to be converted to invoice and order summary document for printing workshop.

In the invoice I can only have records named "Tshirts with embroidery", so in above example I would have one position: 30x Tshirts with embroidery - all the other costs would be merged so that a price per one tshirt would be produced (i.e 1*cost of tshirt + 1* cost of big embroidery + 1* cost of small embroidery + cost of preparation/30 + cost of preparation/30 + shipping/30).

Sales order / document for printing shop
This document needs to contain all information the workers need: amount of tshirts, amount of embroideries and their placement etc., so in our example it would look like this:
1. Gildan Black Tshirt XL x30
- front small embroidery
- back big embroidery

Of course, there are always more product types, sizes, different embroideries/printings etc., and they often come in different variations.

How I think it should work?

A sales rep adds all the products and services. The products and printing-related services have a dropdown inputs that allow choosing between numbers 1/2/3/4 etc., so that if a tshirt should have a printing on the back and front, the sales rep chooses "1" on the tshirt, both printing services and both printing preparation services. In this way, they are in a way connected/related to each other. Then, sales rep adds comments to the printings/embroideries about their details (colour, location, exact size if needed etc.).

Now, when the conversion into Invoice happens, all the "1", "2" etc. relations are merged in a such a way that cost of one tshirt is added to cost of one printing and both shipping and printing preparation costs are divided by amount of tshirts (= we get the price for one tshirt including all other costs). This price is then to be displayed in invoice.

Conversion to the printing shop document seems to be easier as the order will look almost the same as quote - except it does not need to list the prices and requires an attachment field for the rep to add a visualisation previously prepared by designer.

My question is:

What is the best way to organise this? I am pretty much rookie when it comes to extensions/modules so I do not know where to start. I thought about creating a separate entity type (final product) that would be created when the products and services are merged for an invoice and it would be displayed in the invoice. That is my idea but how should I start? Creating a separate module or modifying invoice module?

Best regards and bunch of thanks,