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Linux installer

Hi all,
i just begin to work on linux installer, this is a very very very first
preview, and i need few tester before go ahead.
This version alway install xampp (it's the part i want to test), your
answer have no effect, do not change default install directory.
I have a opensuse 10.1, ubuntu 6.06 and mandriva 2006 to test, if you
can test on other linux distrib, it's cool.
Requirement glibc >=2.2 and 64Mo Ram
Installation mode :
GTK installation mode default,
X-Window installation mode
Text mode (|--mode text)|
|Silent (||--mode unattended)|

The future plan :
Install with or without Xampp, if without, use your own apache/mysql version
Auto configure for apache, mysql, vtiger file, cron task,
install as virtual directory and auto conf for apache,
Install (if wanted by user) as deamon, port selection for apache/mysql,
and much more.

The url for testers : 
Best regards,
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Migration to 5_RC sql errors

Dirk Gorny
Hallo all,

there are some errors by executing the data migration from 4.2.3-Dadabase on a
5_rc with mysql 5.0.21 and PHP 5.1.4:

 INSERT INTO vtiger_customview VALUES ( 17, 'All', 1, 0, 'HelpDesk' )
 1062 - Duplicate entry '17' for key 1
and inserts like: insert into vtiger_cvcolumnlist values
with missing parameter or missing '' at the beginning.

is there a full log of the migration script with the error output of the
database? It is nice to see the litle red "F" in my Browser and it is done
very professional in a graphical way, congratulation most user like this. For
me it is better to get a pure but full text output with the errormessages
from the database.
If i know a way to extract the error messages I will post a full report.

Best regards

Dirk Gorny
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