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Forge and procedural improvements

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I wanted to know the general opinion on the vtiger
forge UI please.
Does any one think that we need to change the UI or we
live with what
we have?

Matt: In case we decide to change the UI, let me know
what all files
need to be changed so that
I can request Radiant to make those changes and send
it across to you.


Hi all!

I view the Forge as a KEY component of making the
entire Community more productive, and vTiger as
accessible as possible.

I suggest this trivial change:  Project Tree on the
main tab should be replaced by Categories or similar.

There is a critical category missing from this tab, I
think...Data Import/Conversion - This seems to be an
ongoing thorn, and making the
processes/procedures/code that's being developed for
different conversions (including ACT, GoldMine, etc.)
would be a HUGE step in saving people hours of
searching for these answers in the Forums.

There are no import or conversion projects on the
Forge currently, nor any with "Sugar" as a keyword,
and Sugar conversion should certainly be a priority, I
would think.

If the new Forum Moderators catch the postings
regarding conversion and code snips, and move them to
the Forge, then people will start to get the idea.

Further back, if we can get a START HERE page atop the
Forums, as I posted to Richie, I believe : "Code goes
in the Forge {link}, questions go in the Forume
{link}; and documentation stuff goes in the Wiki.
Documentation abuot code goes both in the fileset for
the code on the Forge, and optionally on the Wiki"


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