[FEATURE REQUEST] Support Notes/Attachements on Events

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[FEATURE REQUEST] Support Notes/Attachements on Events

Dennis Grant
This is a big one, that I hope will be easy for someone to implement

We need to be able to make notes and add attachments to Events.

For example, a Meeting:

Salesman schedules the initial meeting with New Event.

Later on, he creates an Agenda for that meeting in Word, and generates a
PDF document that is attached to that Event.

The meeting is held, he creates a Note related to that event to record
his observations.

Later on, he types up formal minutes to the meeting (as another pdf
document) and attaches that to the Event as well.


I'm agnostic as to how this happens (Attachments/Notes related to the
Event? Specific fields for Agenda, Notes, Minutes?) but this is a hot
one that needs to get implemented.

Who wants to own it?


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