Bugs found in install of version 5

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Bugs found in install of version 5

Tim Smith-10
The following bugs were found while installing vtiger 5 rc that I downloaded today.

System: Ubuntu 6.06, Mysql 5.0.22, php 5.1.2, vtiger5.0.0-rc-source.tar.gz

Problem 1: Error message links to non-existent SugarCRM documentation.

If you do not have the gd library installed, the error message says "Check out our online documentation for tips on enabling this library." with a link to non-existent SugarCRM docs on sourceforge.

Problem 2: No check to see if cache/import is writable

The install wizard checks if the cache folder is writable but it doesn't check cache/import.

I extracted the vtiger source while logged in as root.  I then tried to install vtiger and used chown only what it told me it could not access.  So I used "chown root:www-data cache" but did nothing with cache/import.  This check should be added or an error occurs when the user tries to import a csv file.

Problem 3: Recommended settings do not include underscores

This is a simple fix.  During installation, most of the Recommended Settings shown by the install wizard do not include the underscore.  When a novice searches for "Max Execution Time" in php.ini, they will not find it.  For example "Max Execution Time" should be "max_execution_time".

Problem 4: Contact sample data is too big

Creating a new database populated with sample data failed.  The sample contact data won't fit in an array.  See: modules/Contacts/contactSeedData.php  I removed about 10K lines and the install worked.  However, if the php memory settings were set at the recommended levels then I expect even this to fail.

Problem 5: Error ignored renaming install.php and install folder

If a failure occurs renaming the install.php file and install folder then the system still reports it succeeded.  I tested with the minimal rights granted.  e.g. All files are readable but no other rights are granted except for what is reported in the installation check.

The user should be warned that the rename failed and that their system is not secure until they remove the install files.


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